Scotty Bowman’s Touch of Gold

So this is my first post on the blog, and I first off want to thank Chris for bringing me aboard.  And to the readers, I hope I can bring a unique and enjoyable perspective to hockey blogging.  As for my first topic….the man, the myth, the legend….Scotty Bowman.

Mr. Bowman recently signed with the Chicago Blackhawks as a senior advisor for hockey operations, leaving the Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings.  He now joins his son Stan, who is the assistant general manager of the Blackhawks.

Could this move be just what the Blackhawks have needed?  Will Scotty Bowman’s unprecedented success follow him to Chicago?  Well if you know anything about Scotty, the answer is yes.

Bowman is now a Blackhawk
Bowman is now a Blackhawk

Let’s take a quick look at some of Mr. Bowman’s accomplishments.  In 30 seasons of coaching, he has missed the playoffs twice.  One of those years, he only coached 12 games, so in retrospect, he has only missed them once.

Not only that, but he holds the record for most Stanley Cups: 9…..11 if you count when he was the Pens’ director of player development behind “Badger” Bob Johnson in 1991, and as special consultant with Detroit in 2008.  He also has a record 1,244 regular season wins, and 223 post-season wins.

After his first job with St. Louis, Bowman became the head coach in Montreal in 1971.  In eight seasons, they won five Stanley Cups and never missed the playoffs….’nough said.

Then following a seven-year stint with Buffalo, Bowman was with the Pens from 1990-93: as director of player personnel in 1990-91, then took over as head coach from 1991-1993.  The Pens became back-to-back champs, and then finished with league’s best record in 1992-93 – along with 17 consecutive wins, and what is still a current franchise record of 119 points.

Bowman also took Red Wings to a first place finish in the West in 1993-94, made the Cup finals in 1995, won a record 62 games in ‘95-96, won Cups in ‘97 & ‘98, made it to the Conf. Semis in 1999, won the Cup in 2000, and he continued to work with the Red Wings after his retirement in 2002.  We all know how that ended up last year.

The success of Scotty Bowman is unmatched by any man.  Chicago has truly struck gold.  The Blackhawks are becoming contenders in the West, especially with young talent in Patrick Kane (19 years old; 72 pts. last season) and Jonathan Toews (20 years old; 52 pts.)

The Blackhawks fell just three points shy of making the playoffs for the first time since 2002.  I expect Chicago to make the playoffs this upcoming season, and if history holds true, the Blackhawks will become serious contenders in the West in the very near future.

~Dan @ Pittsburgh Puck Talk


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