Weekly Rant: Hockey Blogging

I read this by the USA Hockey Magazine, and it confirmed why I started this site.

It is an article about hockey blogging, and its prominence as a source of news and opinions in the hockey world. There is no doubt that the sport of hockey has a unique following. I’ll go as far to say that it is a cult following.

There are fans of many sports, some casual and some fanatical. I feel that this is not the case with hockey. It seems that you are either a huge fan of the sport and can’t get enough of it, or you don’t understand the game or it’s fans.

I’m one of those obsessive fans. Not just of the Pittsburgh Penguins, though. I yearn to learn more and more about different players and teams, especially in the dull months of summer.

I have been realizing, and now am confirmed in believing, that hockey blogging is one of the factors that draws in hockey fans.

What the article notes is something that I didn’t know, and it blows me away. The New York Islanders have welcomed the blogging community to such an extent that they have given a few Islander bloggers press credentials and a separate press box to watch the games and report on them.

As a studying journalist, that is where I want to be: In the press box reporting on the game I know better, and love more, than anything else in this world. Reading this gives me and my staff an increased drive to bring the best possible analysis and commentary to you, the reader.

However, I wonder if that is right. Should bloggers get those opportunities? Part of me says yes and part of me says no.

The yes part says yes because I love blogging and would love to be able to do the same thing as those Islander bloggers. That is my ‘blogger’ self.

However, my ‘journalist’ self says that it is something that should be exclusive. One of the only things that the mainstream media has over hockey bloggers is the fact that they have access to player interviews. We, as bloggers, can not get our own quotes and conduct our own interviews.

That is probably a good thing, because I’m not sure that the interviews would be fair or conducted in a professional manner. However, the Islander players were impressed at how well it worked.

All this self-contradiction that I am writing is pointless, but the principle is not. Hockey blogging is the most prominent sports blogging community in all of the North American sports.

And we all do it for free. That what really separates us from the media. We do it because of our intense passion for the game. Not because we have to, or are good at it. Some of us are bad at it! Heck, you make think we’re bad at it!!!

We at Pittsburgh Puck Talk are proud to be a part of it and are looking to bring you the most professional and thought provoking pieces we can. We are going to do our best to produce well-thought, well-researched and objective analysis pieces as well as provoking opinion pieces.

We also hope that you will chime in with your opinions. Or if you have suggestions on what you want to see, or changes that should be made, please tell us. We are open to any and all criticism.

As the days of summer begin to wind down, and that magical date of Sept. 17 gets closer (the beginning of Pens training camp), we are salivating at the idea of covering an entire NHL season.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Thanks to Kuklas Korner and congrats on being No. 1.

~Chris @ Pittsburgh Puck Talk


2 thoughts on “Weekly Rant: Hockey Blogging

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  2. Chris: Thanks for the plug for the NYI Blog Box. As one of the founding members of Ex-PR VP Chris Botta’s extraordinary experiment I can tell you that it is a great experience. But I would also like to tell you that because there are many of us, we actually hold each other accountable for our content and accuracy. We know the gift we were given by the Islanders in the unprecedented access, and would never wish to abuse it in any way. We are there to connect the fans with the team in lightening speed, and that is what we do best.

    I know that the NHL has issued guidelines for credentialed bloggers and I’m hoping that other teams follow Chris Botta’s lead and attempt the experiment themselves. I hope they have the same result. A community of fan-bloggers that gets along well not only with each other but also the “real media” covering the team.
    Dee Karl – NYI 7th Woman

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