Happy 21st Birthday Sid the….kid?

He was born 8/7/87, he wears #87, and earns $8.7 million a year…..but now its time for a new number….21. That’s right, today is August 7th, 2008, and Sidney Crosby finally turns 21. But before you start baking cupcakes to leave at the Lemieux’s doorstep, or call all your friends and tell them you’re going out tonight because you might see Sidney Crosby at the bars, let’s take a look at how special this “kid” really is.

So Sidney Crosby is turning 21 after 3 seasons in the NHL. Most of you probably think nothing of it because you know how special of a talent he is already. But here are some eye opening facts that show you how great this kid will be.

Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby

Bobby Orr turned 21 near the end of his third season in the NHL, a few months earlier than Crosby, but Orr didn’t win the Art Ross or Hart Memorial Trophies until he turned 22 after four seasons. He also didn’t reach the Cup finals until that same year.

Score: Sid 1- Greats 0

Your best friend and mine, Jaromir Jagr, didn’t win the Art Ross trophy until he was 23 after five seasons, and didn’t win the Hart Memorial until he was 27 after his ninth year.

Score: Sid 2- Greats 0

Sid’s landlord, Mario Lemieux, turned 21 at the start of his third season. He didn’t win his first Art Ross Hart Trophy until he was 22 after four seasons; didn’t make the playoffs until he was 23, and didn’t make the Cup Finals until he was 25.

Score: Sid 3- Greats .66 ……because Mario always scores

Lebron James didn’t make the playoffs until he was 22 in his third season, and didn’t make the NBA Finals until he was 23.

Score: Sid 4- Greats .66

Michael Jordan is a little different because he entered the league at the age of 21, but for comparisons sake, here it goes. Jordan wasn’t named MVP until he was 25 after four seasons, and didn’t make it to the NBA Finals until he was 28 after his seventh season.

Score: Sid 5- Greats .66

Sidney Crosby is youngest player in NHL history to: score 100 point seasons twice, be named team captain, reach 200 career points, be named to the NHL All-Star game, win the Art Ross Trophy, and win the Lester B. Pearson Award. It only took him two years to reach the playoffs, and three to reach the Cup Finals. He is the second-youngest NHL MVP, and the youngest player and only teenager to win a scoring title in any major North American sports league.
(Comparing the number of years to make the playoffs/conference finals obviously depends on not only the star player but his supporting cast, so that may not be a completely accurate or fair comparison.)

Now does the fact that if you take 66, and add it to 21, and they equal 87, mean anything?! Does this mean this is the year that Sidney becomes Mario? Well….not really. But it’s a fun fact.

So as we celebrate the birth of Sid the Kid 21 years ago today, let us bare witness to what should be a very, very bright future. One that has been brightening since a very young age.

Happy Birthday Sid.

~Dan @ Pittsburgh Puck Talk


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