Nothing’s changed, Pens lose 5-3

For an entire 60 minutes the Pittsburgh Penguins chased the Nashville Predators up and down the ice.


Penguins 3 – Predators 5

In every facet of the game, the Preds dominated.  No matter the score, even when the Pens were ahead 3-0, Nashville was the better team.

The numbers tell the story to an extent.  However, you had to witness the game to actually understand how poorly the Penguins played.

The Predators prepared.  They studied their film and saw that, as an opponent, you only have to really do one thing to disrupt this Penguins team: forecheck.

Through two periods, the Pens were outshot 30-10.  This was because the Predators caused constant pressure in the Penguins zone all night.  There was no ‘easy exit’ for the offense when trying to transition to the attack, and the defensemen struggled mightily in their efforts.

Watching this game made it really evident that something has to be done.  I’m not a big fan of mid-season coaching changes, but the power play was a joke and that lies directly on the shoulders of Mike Yeo.  It was dump … chase … repeat.  Nothing ever developed.

What could have been the start of something good was just another crushing blow to the team’s confidence and another crucial two points lost.

We have no more to say at PPT.  This game was an embarrassment.

Chris | PPT

“Avenge 6-4-08”


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