Crosby will miss NHL All-Star Game

Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby

After hockey fans had been told that Sidney Crosby would play in the NHL All-Star Game despite an injured knee, NHL officials announced today that Crosby will miss the All-Star Game for the second consecutive year.  He will be replaced in the lineup by Tamp Bay winger Martin St. Louis. (Post-Gazette)

The Penguins had all intentions that Crosby would play, and were reportedly caught off-gaurd from the news.  Crosby missed last years All-Star Weekend because of a high ankle sprain.

This means that Evgeni Malkin will be the lone Penguin representative in the All-Star game.  Crosby was also scheduled to take part in the Breakaway Challenge Saturday evening, but it is unclear at this time whether a replacement will be named or the competition will take place with only the remaining four competitors.

Dan | PPT


4 thoughts on “Crosby will miss NHL All-Star Game

  1. tyler d

    well… I like sidney crosby as much as the next penguin fan, however, I am along with many others beginning to think that he is a bit of a whiner. when things aren’t going good for him he seems to feign injury or some other issue. not to say he’s not truly injured however, I saw the hit in the washington game and it did not look serious. he needs to toughen up if he’s gonna play in this league. rick tocchet broke his JAW in warmups and still played in the same game. quit the whining and show the world your tough enough to be the best in the league. till then your 3rd best in my book distantly behind gino and ovechkin.

  2. christophergates

    I have a hard time blaming Crosby for missing. I don’t think too many people will nationally either. If they do it is not warranted. Look at how many injuries Mario had throughout his career and how it prevented him from finishing his career with Gretzky-like numbers. I’d like Sid to miss every All-Star game if that means he will be healthy. He’s looking out for himself and what’s best for the team.

    ~Chris | PPT

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