Weekly Rant: Everything’s Alright

Pens fans.  Stop, take a deep breath and relax.  There are 26 games left in the regular season.

After losing to Detroit 3-0 on Sunday, people all over town and even in the national media were there to pronounce the Pens dead and predict the season would end without a playoff berth.  I’m wondering, why?

Do we forget the previous two games where Pittsburgh earned four points in beating Tampa Bay and Columbus?  Do we just overlook that, even with the loss to Detroit, the Penguins have a winning record this month?  That hasn’t happened since November.

Let’s be honest, Detroit is a far superior team than Pittsburgh.  They have only gotten stronger since winning the Stanley Cup last June and are within a point of San Jose for first place in the Western Conference.

That brings me to why I’m writing this piece.  Pittsburgh, after what everyone deemed a negative turning point in the season against the Red Wings, came back out on the ice at Mellon Arena and beat San Jose — arguably the best team in the NHL.

I can’t say I’m the first to predict this or that I’m being brave in my prediction, but the Penguins will not miss the playoffs.  This team has too much talent that, even without perfect chemistry, is better than half the teams in this league.

And who knows?  With the return of Sergier Gonchar and Ruslan Fedotenko tonight, we could see chemistry finally develop in to what we’ve all been hoping for the entire season.

Let’s try and not be so melodramatic.  Columnists and TV personalities use hyperbole to sell papers and get viewers.  We don’t need to follow those same lines.  The Pens are fine, just five points out of eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

We’re halfway through February and approaching March.  The Pens are playing much better at home and take a look … there is an eight-game homestand from mid-March to the beginning of April.

We’re not at the end of the world.  Things are alright.  And, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it more important how you finish the season?

I believe that answer is yes and the Pens will be better for it.

Chris | PPT

“Avenge “6-4-08”


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