Weekly Rant: The truth about Pens vs. Caps

My Rant
My Rant

So here’s the deal, Tony F. of The Confluence at KK has sparked heated debate over the last few weeks regarding the Pens vs. Caps and Sid vs. Ovi.

I’ve tried expressing myself on his comment space, but after reading recent posts from fans over there I felt the need to write this.

There’s no debating that the Washington Capitals have been a better hockey team than the Pittsburgh Penguins this season.  If you try and debate that, you’re crazy.  I know it, you know it… every Pens fan knows it.

Because of their consistency, they have been able to take seven of a possible eight points from the pens during the season series.  And with that, their fans have reappeared.

With the Penguins having found their stride recently with an 8-1-1 record under head coach Dan Bylsma, they are now in the playoff picture and — don’t look now — could possibly land a first-round matchup against the Caps.


That makes the talk all the more interesting.

What I’m hearing from Caps fans comes down two one belief that they all truly believe: Washington is on the same level as Pittsburgh as far as great sports cities go.

To that, I must disagree.

Now let’s be honest, I’m biased.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and left at  the age of 18 to attend college at Kent State University — close enough to Cleveland to make anyone appreciate the black and gold at a whole other level.

However, we must look at the facts.  Pittsburgh has 2 Stanley Cups to Washington’s 0.  The Steelers have 6 Super Bowl rings — more than anyone in the NFL — to Washington’s 3.  And the Pirates have 5 World Series titles to Washington’s 0.  D.C. also has the Wizards, which have 1 NBA title.

So I believe that puts to rest the success debate.

On to fans, which has been the real hot topic for debate.  It’s evident that the Caps fans are pretty upset at Pens fans controlling the Verizon Center for seemingly a decade.  What makes the debate hard to understand is the fact that there are very few Caps fans in Pittsburgh when the two teams play.

Over this 5-game roadtrip, after every goal you could here the Pittsburgh fans.  In most cases you could see them jump up on the TV screen and celebrate goal after goal (great roadtrip, eh?).  The Penguins have to be one of the top teams as far as traveling goes, aside from those north of the border.  And with nearly 100 straight sellouts, home ice is not even a question.

It’s so hard to ever settle this dispute.  Fans will be fans and as long as there are games to play there will be a dispute.  However, if we choose to deal with facts, I think I just ended the argument.

Think I’m lying, watch the game highlights from each of the four road games leading up to Sunday’s game.  Watch and listen to the Pens fans at each game.  It was a heck of a turnout.

What do you think?  Be heard…

Chris | PPT

“Avenge 6-4-08”


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