Burn the Baby Blues

Is it just me, or have the Penguins be horrible while wearing the throwback uniforms this year.  And is it just me, or does it not even feel special when they wear them anymore?

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar
AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

The answer to both of those questions is no, it’s not just me.  They have been terrible in the third jerseys. Also, by wearing them so much — now nine times this season — nothing about seeing the team play in them feels special.

The following are the results of each game so far this season in which the Penguins have worn the baby blue uniforms. I warn you … it’s not pretty.

Nov. 15 — Buffalo 2 – Pittsburgh 5
Nov. 18 — Minnesota 2 – Pittsburgh 1 SO
Dec. 20 — Toronto 7 – Pittsburgh 3
Dec. 27 — Montreal 3 – Pittsburgh 2
Jan. 3 — Florida 6 – Pittsburgh 1
Jan. 18 — New York R 0 – Pittsburgh 3
Feb. 8 — Detroit 3 – Pittsburgh 0
Feb. 25 — New York I 0 – Pittsburgh 1
March 14 — Senators 4 – Penguins 3 SO

That’s right.  The Penguins are 3-4-2 while wearing their new third jerseys.  Add to that the fact that they have been outscored 27-19 in blue as well, and it’s downright sickening.

What’s worse?  They are scheduled to wear them twice more before the regular season ends.  If the Penguins make the playoffs, I sure hope they stick to black and gold.

As for Saturday’s game against the Senators, things just weren’t right.  When Eric Godard opens the scoring for the game, it’s going to be a weird one.

The Penguins had a 3-1 lead going into the third period.  Matt Cooke connected with Tyler Kennedy with under two minutes to play in the second period and everything seemed to be right on track for another win.  Normally a goal like that is devastating to an opponent’s confidence.

However, that was not the case.  Ottawa scored two straight goals midway through the second in a span of less than two minutes.  The game got away from the Pens and they were lucky to make it to overtime.

In the overtime period, Pittsburgh was again lucky to make it out alive.  The Senators eventually won in the shootout and sent Pittsburgh to its second straight shootout loss.

It’s discouraging to lose the first game of back-to-back games, especially when Sunday’s game is against the Eastern Conference leading Boston Bruins.

The Penguins haven’t worn the throwback uniforms in back-to-back games since mid-November.  As long as they don’t step on the ice in baby blue against Boston, I’ll give them a chance to win.

Have you noticed how bad they’ve been in the third jerseys?  Do you still think it’s special when they’re worn?  Comment & BE HEARD

Chris | PPT

“Avenge 6-4-08”


11 thoughts on “Burn the Baby Blues

  1. sh0ez

    I think blaming the jerseys is stupid in my opinion. They’ve only played one game in them under Bylsma’s era and they got a point. Let’s see what they do in the final 2 games with them.

    Quick stats:
    Home record: 18-12-3
    Home record with Bylsma: 3-0-1
    Home record without Bylsma: 15-12-2
    Home record without Bylsma/Thirds: 12-8-1 (.595%)
    Third Jersey Record (without Bylsma): 3-4-1(.438%)
    –Really, the Pens just weren’t the best earlier this season and even right before Bylsma. It truly isn’t that much of a difference.

    If you want to take records into account, the Pens haven’t won either game where Godard scores. We should trade him or tell him he will be traded if he scores again.

    It just seems petty to me and hearing fans completely tearing apart one of the top selling jerseys this year sounds ridiculous.

    The novelty of them seems a little worn off. That’s why I said they should have changed them a bit from the WC jersey. But I think the reason the novelty has also worn off is because they don’t have a winning record in them. However, it is a great tribute to the roots of the team.

    The thing that really pisses me off is when “fans” say that the Pens aren’t blue. Learn your history. I don’t want to hear “oh but that’s the past” and crap. It’s their roots! If the Steelers and Pirates hadn’t been good in the late 70’s/early 80’s (“good” and “Pirates” in a sentence, yikes!) then the Pens may still be blue!

    Kay, done with my rant. Ha ha. I’m sh0ez by the way. Friend on Facebook and a member of The Pensblog. The comments section over there is filled with ridiculous and I needed to rant somewhere. Hah.

  2. christophergates


    Didn’t realize we lost the other time Godard scored. Good stat!

    I just wish they would cut it back to maybe once a month or so with wearing the blue jerseys. It feels like every other home game they’re in blue. Does anyone known if every NHL team wears their 3rd jerseys 11 times this season like the Pens? Or is it just a team-by-team kind of decision? It sure seems like the guins have done it more than other teams.

    Chris |PPT

    “Avenge 6-4-08”

  3. sh0ez

    I do believe that teams have to wear them a minimum amount of games for the league to make sure they get promotion and revenue from them. From the 10 or so teams I checked, they had either 11 or 15 games where they wear them. Something tells me that 10/11 is the minimum amount of games. It’s probably just because we are fans and watch the Pens religiously that it seems that way.

  4. christophergates

    Haha yea I was pretty confused when I turned on the TV and saw us in white. What I’d love is us to throw it back to the mid-90s and wear the black jerseys with Pittsburgh running diagonally across the front.

    Those are my favorite Pens jerseys of all-time.

    Chris | PPT

    “Avenge 6-4-08”

  5. Jeff

    The pens did win today! And I don’t think the blue jerseys are that bad. But it right about that they aren’t that special anymore.

  6. christophergates

    You know what, though? I think I’m one of those crazy people that actually didn’t mind the pidgeon logo. Those home white jerseys that we wore in the late 90s, I thought, were great. But I’m probably biased because when I was growing up that was the first logo I remembered.

    Chris | PPT

    “Avenge 6-4-08”

  7. sh0ez

    Ha ha. The design of those jerseys was sweet. I loved the shoulder design. I just couldn’t do that logo. Luckily my Dad got me into them during the first Stanley Cup year, so I loved the regular logo more. I can see where you are coming from though, hah.




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