Thoughts after three games

I’m a little tired of hearing some comments from around the fanbases of both teams.

Topics that anger me: NBC, Petr Sykora, Philly fans.

It’s interesting in the NHL playoffs because, if your team goes far, every series is it’s own soap opera almost.  Look at the Rangers vs. Capitals, where Alex Ovechkin was held scoreless for the first two games.  Then he was caught spying on the Rangers practice before game 3.

The same is the case with the Pens and Flyers.  New reasons to hate the other team spring up every day.  I’ve just got a few that I need to get off my chest.

Topic No. 1: Pierre Maguire:


If you watched the game on Sunday you witnessed the love affair of Pierre Maguire and Mike Richards.  The Flyers were up 2-0, but they were playing a great game and it was because of Richards’ leadership.

It didn’t matter that they only had two shots on goal and, other than the two scoring plays, one of which was from Richards off of Hal Gill’s stick, the Penguins dominated the period.

It was sickening and frustrating to listen to the commentary.  Doc Emerick and Edzo were just as terrible.

And let’s talk about the camera used on the power plays.  Tell me who made the outstanding executive decision to give us a camera angle that prevents you from locating the puck?

Sure, it showed viewers the entire ice surface, but when Richards scored no one at home could tell.  I only knew because I saw Philadelphia fans jump out of their seats in excitement.

Maybe if you’re lucky enough to have an HD TV you didn’t have that problem.  But for the majority of the fans watching, it sucked.  Why would you alter the viewing perspective?

Now I understand why NBC didn’t allow the Pens to play the game on the big screen.  They probably did it because people would have gone out of their way to travel to the arena to watch a horrendous broadcast.

Topic No. 2: Petr Sykora:


He’s just not getting it done. Well all have noticed it.  He hasn’t been right for a while now.  But Miroslav Satan?  Really?

You can’t take out one of the top playoff performers on the team for Satan, who cleared waivers twice this season as he was sent down and recalled from Wilkes-Barre.  That’s just a bizarre idea.

The only way I would support that move is if Sykora is injured.  And to be honest, I believe there’s a good possibility that’s the case with him.

He seems to struggle on every shift.  He’s missing shots he normally buries into the back of the net.

But if he is well and just in a funk, you’ve got to give the guy time to prove himself.  Benching him could just make the problem worse and, if the Pens go deep into the playoffs, prevent him from contributing down the road.

Topic No. 3: Philly fans:


I’ve heard countless amounts of Pittsburgh fans saying they hate the chants at game of “Crosby sucks!” and “Hey ref you suck!”  I’ve got two opinions on the topic.

They are very creative.  And no matter what anyone or any player says, it gets to atheletes.  There’s no doubt that Crosby is affected by it.  However, most of the time it gets him charged up.  After a mediocre game on Sunday, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go off Tuesday night.

My second opinion deals with the encouragement of those chants.  The organ player knows what he’s doing.  It’s not like he’s surprised every time he plays the same chant and hears Flyers fans belch out their hate.

I think that’s wrong.  I don’t believe that the organization should encourage that type of atmosphere.  The fans will do it anyway, but let’s not repeat two things over and over again to continue the reaction it causes.

But that’s coming from me, a Penguins fan who has let those cheers dig into me and piss me off.

Quote of the playoffs, from a caller on 1250 ESPN’s “The Drive” …

“If I passed up food like the Penguins pass up opportunities on the power play, I’d be anorexic by now!”

Chris | PPT

“Avenge 6-4-08”


3 thoughts on “Thoughts after three games

  1. Blake Chunko

    I agree with everything you said. The power play camera angle on NBC was so annoying. Sykora isn’t getting it done, and the philly fans are the most obnoxious and classless fans in all of sports. And don’t even get me started on Maguire. He isn’t objective and has a huge crush on Richards.

    I am glad to see I wasn’t the only one who got angered by all these things.

    keep up the good work

  2. Jeff Jacob

    I agree the power play was the worst angle I have ever seen and Crosby scored the first goal of the game so the chants might be helping him… Or he is just used to it by now and the fans aren’t as loud as the first game either.

  3. Chaiwoman

    You hit the nail on the head every time. Our boys need to win Thursday at home on FSN so that we do not have to be subjected to NBC again in this series. Bylsma was trying Sykora with Staal tonight and he seemed to bemore energized. Keep in mind that Sykora’s main bread-and-butter has been on the primary power play unit, and he’s not on that anymore although I like that he was working with Staal on the second with the addition of Guerin. That could work down the road. Fleury was back on his game, the D was less sloppy, but God, get the puck out of our zone and hard up the boards please!! The forwards also back-checked better tonight. On the PP, 3 shots in 7 man-advantage situations–horrendous. SHOOT-CRASH-CYLCE OUT-RINSE-REPEAT…Great article.

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