Game 5: Afternoon reading

Breaking News, Satan in for Sykora tonight.

If you’re not used to Philadelphia fans and their whining then you’ll never be.

They are still burning over Sidney Crosby’s goal.  It’s firmly in their minds that Gary Bettman is conspiring against the Flyers.  Isn’t it possible that they are down 3-1 in the series because of blowing opportunities?

Let’s take a look at game four … 0-for-8 on the power play … 1 goal on 46 shots.  Yes, you controlled play.  But check it out, there’s been no execution.

In order to win in the playoffs, a team must take advantage of opportunities.  Power plays are a big part of that.  Considering the Penguins’ superiority at even strength, this has been the reason the Flyers are facing elimination.  Not the refs.

Despite all of that, Sam Donnellon on the Philly News can’t stop his tears from flowing.  It’s sad when the media can’t hold back it’s partisan feelings and think logically …

“I mean, how can Richards get 2 minutes for incidental skate contact with Marc-Andre Fleury outside the crease and Crosby get a goal for plowing into the Flyers’ net? If you can’t touch the goalie when he’s outside of the blue (unless he touches you first), why can you park on his lap as Joffrey Lupul did to Fleury earlier in the series?”

Donnellon is apparently pissed because someone found the rule that said Sid’s goal was legal.  Now he’s beside himself.

That’s too bad, but the Pens are back home with a chance to end the series.

BTW, whiteout tonight.  If you didn’t know by now, become a real fan.

Chris | PPT

“Avenge 6-4-08”


One thought on “Game 5: Afternoon reading

  1. Chaiwoman


    In the aftermath, I’m not sure how I feel about that game tonight. I was too pissed about the unintentional blackout for most of the 2nd period. Thank God for Mike Lange…had to go old school.

    Still, again, the Staal line pulled out all the stops, and Biron kept coming up monstrous. What did I say about that damn drop pass? Couldn’t watch it, of course, but I heard about it…arrrghhhhh.

    Power play? What power play? it’s deja vu all over again. i say make the PP unit Staal, Cooke, Kennedy, Orpik and Boucher (though the latter two will have to draw straws to see who gets to play left point. What could it hurt, really? or, put Guerin/Kunitz in for Cooke. Just my humble opinion.

    As for Satan over Sykora…no comment. On to Philly and…ugh…NBC.

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