Superstition is the key to success

To fall down three games to one headed to Washington would probably mean the end of the series for the Penguins.

But imagine if the Pens were able to win tonight and head into the Verizon Center with all the momentum.  That might be the best chance the Pens have at winning in D.C.

Now, if you’re searching for the equation that leads to a Pittsburgh victory, you’ve come to the right place.  The following has been my playoff superstition thus far and each time I’ve abided by the rules the Penguins have been victorious.

Let’s start with gameday.  Right now, the gameday jersey is the Sidney Crosby home, black jersey.  Not the new Reebok Edge jerseys, but an older Koho.  Ya know, back from his rookie year.  It has the ‘A’ on it.

My arsenal of Pens jerseys
My arsenal of Pens jerseys

One of a kind.

Moving on, I have to wear a long-sleeved black shirt underneath it.  Underneath that is a yellow T-shirt.  Gotta stick with the black and gold all the way through.

I wear my black WWGRD bracelet on my left arm and my gold LIVESTRONG bracelet on my right arm.  Again, black and gold all the way.

Finally, I must wear my Pitt hat.

At some point during the day I have to watch an inspirational sports movie.  Before game No. 1 of the Philadelphia series it was Mighty Ducks …


Seems fitting, eh?  Game No. 2 was Mighty Ducks No. 2 …

MightyDucks D2

Now for Game No. 3 I blew it.  No movie.  I abided by the jersey rule, but forgot about the movie.

So for Game No. 4 I was back on my grind with Rudy …


Not sure why I skipped Mighty Ducks No. 3.  Oh yea, because that movie was horrible.

It was so horrible that I didn’t watch a movie before Game No. 5.  After the loss I had to suck it up and take on for the team …


Series over.

Next came the Capitals.  As you can guess, no movie = two losses.  I didn’t even do the jersey thing correctly either

I credit forgetting to hell week.  This past week was the last week of classes and I had four papers and a test.

Game No. 3 …


If you don’t The Waterboy is inspiring you’re a joke.

Now, on off days I wear the mid-90s Joey Mullen jersey.  The one with “Pittsburgh” running diagonally from the right shoulder down to the bottom left.

Today’s movie choice …



Chris | PPT

“Avenge 6-4-08”


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