Wah wah Wings

The Detroit Red Wings have a large web presence.  Most of what I’m reading is making it pretty clear that they are SCARED.

Whether it be in back-to-back games to start the series, their current health situation or their opponent, it’s all complaining.

I’m reading one thing … WAH WAH!

Every Pens fan should be pretty confident right now.

And isn’t that a complete turn of events compared to last year?  I remember entering the Stanley Cup Finals scared.  None 0f us knew how the players would react.  None of us knew if we could match up to the Wings talent and experience.  None of us really knew anything about anything.

The tide has changed.  As a fanbase, I’m hearing nothing but confidence.  That’s a good start.

From the team, I’m hearing humble confidence as well.  I think the motivation is there and with proper execution, which they’ve had for most of the postseason, a Stanley Cup victory is possible.

Abel to Yzerman kicked it all off, complaining about more than one aspect of this series.

“It just boils down to this and it’s real simple:  Gary Bettman does not like the Detroit Red Wing organ-I-zation and he would like Sidney Crosby to hoist the Cup.

it continues …

“But Bettman’s infatuation with Crosby’s success is not fiction.  He vaulted him to the forefront from the beginning as the face of the NHL. He’s kept him there despite the painfully obvious fact that Crosby has the personality of a gnat and the petulance of a napless five year old.”

Yep, Gary Bettman chose to avoid a 9-game layoff because he wanted to purposely screw the wings over.  He most likely did it because of his infatuation with Sidney Crosby.


Find a better player to represent the NHL.  You can’t.

This argument is so tired that it doesn’t even deserve the extra key strokes.  Crosby’s one competitor, Alex Ovechkin, has been consistently beaten by Sid and the Pens since the lockout.  Enough said.

The next best candidate is Evgeni Malkin who, until this season, hasn’t done interviews in English.  He still struggles mightily to form complete thoughts in English.

If the argument is for Datsyuk, shut up.

Moving on …

“Why am I even bringing it up?  Because the Red Wings defeated Chicago in five games and get two full days of rest.  If they’d gone six they would have had what?  9 days?  Too much. I agree.  But the fact remains, they’re being penalized for winning too quickly, too efficiently?”

No.  You took one more game to win your series so you get one less day of rest.

Get it?

“There is no way the Final should start on Saturday, and go straight to Game 2 the next day.  No one does that.  It hasn’t happened in nearly fifty years.  But, coincidentally, here we are.  Detroit has six (potentially seven with Hossa) injuries.  Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Draper, Ericsson, Lilja, Kopecky.  Three of those players would be the number 1 or 2 guy at their position on any team in the NHL.  That’s right.  Any team.  And, yes…coincidentally…there is a remarkably short turnaround, followed by a game 24 hours later.”

At this point I realized how scared the Detroit fanbase must be.  Injuries happen, it’s the playoffs.  You can’t expect the league to consider your specific situation while so many teams have had so many injury problems this year and in years past.

Too often, Red Wings fans act like they’re ‘God’s gift to hockey.’  It’s just not the case.  They’re just like the fans in Toronto and Montreal.  It’s sickening.

On the Wings Blog decided to publish some joke’s e-mail, claiming that a friend of a friend or some crap met Datsyuk and he said he’ll dress for Game 2.


Who knows?  It could be true.  Typically you wouldn’t expect someone to make a story up.

However, this guy is apparently a manager at Outback Steakhouse that doesn’t know how to spell the word, ‘knowing.’

“To me, it was the best news I could hear!  Nowing Lids and Ericcson will be back Saturday and now having Pav back by Sunday at the latest has just brought my spirits right back up.”

There’s a ‘k’ in it, jack.  It’s silent.  We know.  English is a tricky language.

The Detroit Free Press has a ton of blogs.  One of which is written by Krista Jahkne.  Her latest post is another of the woe-is-me variety.

“Whether it is putting up with potshots about our politicians, our carmakers, our potholes or our weather, we’re used to being looked down upon and underestimated.

So now, with the Red Wings, the defending Stanley Cup champions, headed back to defend their trophy, we can assume that familiar position.”

Give everyone a break.  Another blogger on the defensive, already looking for reasons to feel sorry for the team and city.  Don’t Wings fans get that they are a dynasty?!


4 Cup wins in 13 years, or whatever it is, is amazing.  You’re a force to be reckoned with.

She continues …

“Everyone is loving on the Penguins despite the fact that Sidney Crosby broke hockey’s code and not only touched, but carried the Prince of Wales trophy presented for winning the Eastern Conference.”

If this chick had some hockey knowledge before the lockout she would know that it’s been done and not mattered.  Here’s an example that hits close to home for the black and gold.

5:00 minute mark …

The Detroit Free Press also quoted Detroit native and former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis in support of the Penguins.  According to The Bus, it’s the Penguins’ time.

“Now, I think it’s time for Pens to win it,” said Bettis, according to Pittsburgh’s NBC-TV affiliate, WPXI. “Because these young guys have paid their dues. They’re ready to win a championship, and they need to bring it, bring it home to Pittsburgh.”

Bettis was neutral in last year’s series.  Maybe he took Pittsburgh’s side because of Bill Coward in Carolina.

On a serious note, the officials were named for the series.

Referees: Paul Devorski, Marc Joannette, Dennis Larue and Bill McCreary
Linesman: Derek Amell, Steve Miller (great band), Jean Morin and Pierre Racicot.

Chris | PPT

“Avenge 6-4-08”


2 thoughts on “Wah wah Wings

  1. ken

    Faces of the NHL that are better than Crosby:
    worth considering:
    Lidstrom, Lecavalier, Zetterberg, Iginla, Thornton, Sakic, Malkin, Overchkin

    not Crosby’s fault he was prematurely anointed, and prematurely selected to be Captain.

    He is marvelously talented, but not even the best guy on his team. He is also being outplayed by a guy who isnt the best guy on his own team (Zetterberg)

    In the old days players earned their story, it wasnt pre-manufactured

  2. christophergates

    Ken, how old are you?

    Gretzky and Lemieux both came into the league with high expectations and a TON of press because they were the ‘Next-One’ coming out of Canada.

    Crosby might have more attention than them, but that’s because he entered the league after a lockout with the league needing as much good press as possible.

    Lemieux and Gretzky came in under totally different league-wide circumstances.

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