History rewritten, Life’s worth living

All series I’ve been dogging Jordan Staal.  Tonight he finally decided to shut me up.

Jordan Staal turned a situation that could have basically ended the series into arguably the biggest goal of this postseason for the Pittsburgh Penguins.


After Detroit went up 2-1, we all felt like death.  Everyone felt good about a 1-0 lead, but knew in the back of their mind that one goal is never enough against the Wings.  Well, that proved to be true.

And when the Pens had nearly killed off a 2-minute minor for hooking on Evgeni Malkin, Brooks Orpik was called for tripping.  Things looked bleak.  A goal on that power play would have nearly sealed the Pens’ coffin shut on the game and potentially the series.

Staal would have none of that …

Detroit takes a penalty early on in the first period and everyone in the building knew what was about to happen.  Detroit’s penalty kill = …

Stanley Cup Red Wings Penguins Hockey

Geno puts it home after a Kris Letang shot goes wide-side left and off the boards behind the goal.

We all know Alex Ovechkin has choreographed some of his goal celebrations.  I’ve got to say that, if Geno decides to stick with one, it should be the one he used here.

He also used it earlier in the playoffs against Carolina when he fired the backhander past Cam Ward that changed all of our lives … (0:50 mark)

He encites the crowd to get loud.

Love it.

The Wings are able to get a goal from Darren Helm before the end of the first, making us all a little uneasy going into the intermission.

Then the second period starts, and in 0:45 Brad Stuart makes our outlook on life take a turn for the worse.

After that goal, many of us reflected back to how we felt last year.  We remembered the hurt of seeing the Stanley Cup in the Mellon Arena, but being awarded to our opponents.  We remembered the helpless feelings of trailing in games and seeing our boys do everything they could to fight back.

In the end, it just wasn’t enough.

These feelings seeped through us as Malkin, and then Orpik, were penalized.

Jordan Staal made us realize that life was worth living.

You have to imagine that the Pens were thinking the same thoughts we were.  Only the motivation of losing the 2008 Finals could explain what happened next …



Tanger should have gone off for cross-checking Sid.

I digress …



You tell me … was there any lack of passion from the Pens tonight?

In each of these photos, you can see how much they wanted this game, how much they wanted to avoid last year.  It fueled all of us and made the Mellon Arena as loud as it’s ever been.

I don’t think we need to mention the army of 10,000 outside.

Chills ran through your body every time the cameras cut to the sea of fans that stretched seemingly to the US Steel building.

Third period was all business … Wings dump it, Pens clear it.  Wings dump it, Pens clear it.

Get it?

Game over, series tied.


Chris | PPT

“Avenge 6-4-08”


3 thoughts on “History rewritten, Life’s worth living

  1. Chaiwoman

    They are amped. Staal is the favorite in our household, so I watch him pretty closely. he’s not Crisby. he’s not malkin, but you woldn’t want him to be. He’s got depth, skills, talent, and potential, and right now, he has the perfect coach to bring all of that up to top performance. I predict he will develop and progress by leaps and bounds in the upcoming season under a full year of Dan Bylsma.

    The game has to be one of the best all playoffs. Can’t wait for Saturday. They are loose, confident, and having a blast.

    P.S. I can’t get enough of the highlights!!

  2. Chaiwoman

    And can I type tonight (not even drinking!)? Sorry.
    “He’s not Crosby. He’s not Malkin. But you wouldn’t want him to be.”

    GO PENS!!

  3. Jimmy

    Yeah you can thank all the injuries to the wings for your march to the Cup. If this was a healthy wings team, there would be no contest in their defence.

    Philly sucks, & the Canes spoiled the Bruins party because there was no way that you were going to sweep the Bruins.

    Can’t stand the Steelers & even more your puketeam Pens.

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