Alex Goligoski signed for 3 years

Alex Goligoski was signed today to a three-year contract, the Penguins announced.


Go-go is likely going to be a big part of the Penguins’ future on the blue line.  He appeared in 45 games during the regular season this year, scoring 6 goals and adding 14 assists.  He also appeared in 2 playoff games as well.

His regular season numbers were enough to finish 3rd among all rookie defensemen in the NHL.  Pretty impressive considering he only played half a season.

With Rob Scuderi and Hal Gill both being unrestricted free agents, this signing probably means one of them is gone.

Ray Shero’s statement:

“Alex is a skilled young defenseman and a tremendous skater, and we are pleased to sign him to a multi-year deal as we continue to build our young core,” Shero said. “He gained some valuable experience this season and made contributions to our Stanley Cup run. He is another example of a great future here in Pittsburgh.”

He’s another one of the Penguins’ prospects that is making his way to the NHL rather quickly.  That prospect pool is getting a little thin and ‘experts’ say its one of the most depleted in the league now.

I guess that’s what happens when you have first-round draft picks go straight to the main club, win scoring titles and raise the Stanley Cup.

I think we’ll be alright.  Welcome Go-go!

Chris | PPT


4 thoughts on “Alex Goligoski signed for 3 years

  1. Rob

    I hope the ‘one that will be gone’ next season, referred to in the article, would be Gill and not Scuderi. Gill is a huge presence both physically and emotionally on-the ice. However, it seemed to me more often than not this season, especially in the playoffs, he has looked slow and and old. I think it may be the perfect time to let Gill go, he seems to be starting that steep drop in value that every defenseman goes through before retirement. So long Gill, enjoy the championship ring.

  2. christophergates

    I agree in that I’d rather see Scuderi signed over Gill. However, Scuds’ performance throughout the playoffs and finals showcased his talent to basically every team in the NHL. I think he’s going to be too high-priced for the Pens to keep around. Keep in mind, Geno’s salary gets a huge bump for next season.

    I think Rob Scuderi will be the Ryan Malone of last year … the one we wished wouldn’t have gotten away. That is, unless he takes a ‘championship discount’ like a few other Pens have done.

  3. Arthur T. Read

    Why wouldn’t he do a home town discount? I think taking a little less cash in order to play with the best and have a chance to compete for a championship is the obvious decision. Is there really something you can do with 20 mill that you can’t do with 18 mill (and a ring/shot at a few more)…?

  4. christophergates

    Right and that’s what we all hope is going through his mind. However, alot of us thought that Ryan Malone, being from Pittsburgh, would have taken a discount to stay with the Pens. Look what happened with him.

    You just never know what some guys are after, regardless of how they seem. Time will tell.

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