Weekly Rant: Boycott time

For whatever reason, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ organization thinks it can keep trading away talent and still have fans.

The trading of Nate McClouth early in the season was a big deal.  This was the guy that many fans were able to look at and say, ‘OK, there’s the guy we’re building around.’

Pirates Twins Baseball

Then Tuesday, the Pirates trade away Nyger Morgan — the guy supposed to fill McClouth’s spot.  What’s worse, he will be replaced by a guy in Lastings Milledge that has played in just seven games, has a batting average of .170-something, and has been a cancer in the clubhouse for several teams.

Morgan was a pleasant surprise to most fans, stealing 18 bases and batting near .300 as a leadoff guy.  Finally, we had leadoff batters that could get on base.

Not anymore.  Click read more for priceless dialogue from shortstop Jack Wilson.  We are starting a movement to boycott the Pirates.  Please join in.

“The bottom line is, even if this trade does work out, it’s not going to matter to 80 percent of the people in here,” Wilson said. “And over the years, these trades haven’t worked. Show me the ones that have worked.”

He continues …

“We know that they’re looking to the future, which doesn’t say much about 2009,” he continued. “That’s probably what’s so shocking. We’re five games out, and we lost two or three of our everyday players. That’s what hits us the most. You can understand if it’s the end of July. You see that stuff coming. … They’re businessmen. They’re trying to achieve winning baseball in Pittsburgh. The biggest question is: When is that going to be. When do things start turning around? It’s just hard for guys who have been here and seen these exact same trades happen and seen it absolutely do nothing. I’ve been here nine years. I’ve seen these trades 2 or 3 times a year every year and still haven’t had a winning season. You hope, eventually, some of these trades will work out. It’s just they haven’t yet. They think they’re getting deals they can’t pass up. I guess. I guess. I guess. Whatever.”

and more …

“What you saw on the field wasn’t even close to what (Morgan) brought to the team. That’s the type of player, guys those type of caliber, like Jason Bay, Nate McLouth …”

Why anyone wants to support an ownership group like this is beyond me.  They have not only betrayed Pirate fans for nearly two decades now, but they have aggravated the few players they can count on.

These owners are just continuing the trend of front offices that have turned off a generation of fans.  I am 22 years old and have no recollection of the Pirates ever winning.

I hear my dad tell me countless stories of the glory days.  Of the times when this team was revered as one of the greats.

That time is gone and likely will never come back.

Sean Burnett was quoted after the trade.  Apparently there were a lot of tears inside the clubhouse.

“It’s tough. This is all I know. I know everybody in the organization, from Pirate City up to here. There have been some tears already. They stuck with me through a lot of years, when I was hurt and rehabbing. I really appreciate that. … You can tell that the front office has a plan, has their own idea of building a team. It doesn’t fit the picture, I guess, that most fans or us players have. But players have no say. They’ve made some tough moves here the past couple of weeks. Today was a complete shock for me. But I guess it’s a new road ahead.”

Morgan was quoted as well …

“I definitely loved going to war with these boys here. It’s unfortunate that I have to go. But that’s part of business.” … He was asked what the future holds for the Pirates: “It’s kind of hard to tell. I thought I was going to be here a little while, me and Cutch. The M&M boys, we were about to do it. But it’s not going to happen.”

Neal Huntingdon just doesn’t get it.  He doesn’t get that chemistry is a big deal in sports.  Look at the Pens.  They probably shouldn’t have won the Cup after falling down 2-0.  However, they had a group of guys that believed in a common goal and rallied around each other to make it happen.

Huntingdon said this …

“The reality is, anytime you take away one of their friends, you take two or three away in a short period of time, it’s unsettling. The human element of the game is something we can’t ignore. But our goal is to put an excellent team on the field and not just a bunch of nice guys out there. We hope to put talented people that are very good people, as well. Every move we make is to try to get this team back on a winning track.”


You can’t argue that this was to manage the payroll because Morgan made $411,000.  You can’t justify it in any way other than these guys built a beautiful ballpark that attracts people.

They throw great food, bobbleheads and firworks at us like candy at the communinty day parade we and eat it up.

No more.  It’s time to stop buying tickets.  To stop walking through the gates of PNC Park and watching a minor league ball club play in a major league stadium.

We are boycotting this organization until things change and we hope you will join us.

This year will mark the record for consecutive losing seasons.  It will also mark the year everyone showed the organization how fed up we all are.


Chris | PPT

All quotes from PBC Blog


3 thoughts on “Weekly Rant: Boycott time

  1. Arthur T. Read

    Pittsburgh is still the City of Champions, but the pirates are dragging us down. It’s not even like we don’t have the market to support the team. I would even say fans have been more than generous to an organization that has been in rebuilding mode year after year. If only we could have a team to play in the most beautiful park in the major leagues…

    I understand we need to rebuild a depleted farm system, but the players we are getting in return for these “fair” trades, don’t even look promising. I feel bad for the fans, and even more so for the players that have to put up with this management style. I just hope to witness a winning season by the time I die…I’m 22.

  2. Henry Herceg

    I am done with the Pirates..After giving them a glimmer of hope in my heart this year after ignoring them for the past 10 years because of the front office..they have destroyed that glimmer and forever damaged my view of baseball in Pittsburgh. The Pirates need to go. They need to be removed from Pittsburgh by force if necessary….

  3. Lisa A

    There is an organized boycott scheduled for August 1, I think it is important for the writers of this blog to spread the word, I honestly think if we can make a stand for this we can make a real statement to the organization instead of a stupid walkout where the owners already get profits from the tickets!!

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