Ruslan Fedotenko signs 1-year deal

UPDATE @ 11:14 p.m. — quotes from Fedotenko (click ‘read more’)

The Pittsburgh Penguins signed Ruslan Fedotenko today, 7/3/09, to a one-year deal worth a reported $1.8 million.


How Ray Shero got Fedotenko to sign for 1.8 is yet to be determined.  It’s such a bargain for a player that was nothing but solid.  Fedotenko reportedly attracted interest from a number of teams, and deservedly so — he now has two Stanley Cup rings and turned up his game up in postseason both times.

Looking at this deal, it’s rather obvious that winning and having a legitimate shot at the Cup ultimately weighed heavily on his decision to stay.  Faceoff-Factor pointed out that he was more concerned about the years in the contract rather than the payout.

His signing means that the second line from the Stanley Cup Finals is now in tact for next season — Fedotenko, Evgeni Malkin, Maxime Talbot — if coach Dan Bylsma chooses to play them together.  The first line of Bill Guerin, Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz is under contract as well.

The Penguins have roughly $3 million left in cap space and will likely add a defenseman with the remaining room.  We’ll wait for any more moves today and then do a team outlook for tomorrow morning.  It will document what the lines look like currently and where Shero and Co. might choose to go next.

“We had a great run last year. We played really well and won the Cup,” Fedotenko said. “That’s what you play for. I felt that with 95 percent of the team coming back we we will have another strong season. I wanted to be on a good team. We had good chemistry in the locker room. I want to win another Cup. I believe we can do it again.”

“We were looking at a couple different options,” he said. “You want to be on a winning team and compete to win the Cup. i feel like it’s everybody’s dream is to win the Cup. We did it last year. So let’s try to do it another year. I stayed to hopefully win another one.”

“It will take a lot of commitment and hard work. Nothing is going to come easy,” Fedotenko said. “Everyone knows how we are and how we play. They will challenge us every night. We need to be ready and prepared. It’s hard but I feel like this team is battle tested. This year will be different with every team wanting to knock us off the pedestal. Teams will be competing extra hard because we are the defending Cup champions.”

Check back!


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