Pens vs. Isles — Crosby vs. Tavares — Rumored for opening game

Several sources are reporting that the Penguins and Islanders will open the 2009-10 season against each other at Nassau Coliseum Oct. 3 at 7 p.m.


Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy and Point Blank both report this.

If it’s true, the National Hockey League and the New York Islanders are constructing a great plan to open the season.  Many want to crown John Tavares as another superstar.  All signs point to him eventually being just that.

As for the Islanders’ organization, the hype over this kid is increasing ticket, merchandise and pretty much everything else sales-wise.  The opportunity to open the season at home against the defending Stanley Cup champions will only further the enthusiasm on Long Island.

I think it’s important, though, to realize it’s just one game.

This will be a great thing for a struggling franchise.  However, let’s remember the Isles are still that — struggling.

GM Garth Snow is obviously doing everything he can to turn the ship around in New York.  Playing backseat to the Rangers doesn’t help things at all.

But with any rebuilding process, things will get worse before they get better.

The Islanders are probably on the verge of that ‘better’ part.  You can’t let expectations get too high.  If that’s the case, fans over there could make it even harder for the Islanders young group of players to succeed.

Playing in a division that’s made up of half of the Eastern Conference’s playoff field seemingly every year is going to make it pretty tough.

Chris | PPT


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