Happy Trails Sykie

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Petr Sykora has signed a one-year, $1.6 million deal with the Minnesota Wild.


Many of us were hoping he might work something out with management this offseason. Despite his faltering production down the stretch, he was still a fan favorite.

In my opinion, he probably still has a few years of good production left. I have to believe that his unproductive stretch of 25 or 30 games from the end of the regular season to the playoffs was a result of the wear and tear two long Stanley Cup Finals runs wear on a veteran body.

That being the case, he was not the right fit for the Penguins anymore. Let us not forget, though, that he still finished fourth on the team in scoring during the regular season with 46 points.

Sykora leaves the Pens with 53 goals and 56 assists in 177 games while donning the black and gold. He also had six goals and four assists in the playoffs in his two years in Pittsburgh.

I can probably speak for all in wishing him well in Minnesota. Sykora was an early veteran presence in the franchise’s rise to greatness.

Happy trails, Sykie.

Chris | PPT


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