Top Pittsburgh sports moments of the last 15 years

So i (Chris) fully intended to do the series of Pittsburgh sports moments throughout the month of August.


However, I got a job writing for the sports section of a newspaper and immediately had to dive in to high school football coverage — thus having no time.

I wanted to do a post for each moment, but couldn’t I figured I’d at least present the list for everyone.

So the following are the top 10 Pittsburgh sports moments of the last 15 years. It’s a list that’s tailored toward the younger generation of Pittsburgh sports fans.

We’ll start with #10 and work our way to #1…

#10: Francisco Cordova’s no-hitter

Had to get the Buccos on here somehow and, honestly, this was the lone bright sport of the last 15 years in Pirate baseball aside from the 1997 “Freak Show” team that was nearly .500 on a $9 million payroll.

#9: Super Bowl XXX Run

Yes, the Steelers lost. But none of us will ever forget Neil O’Donnell, Bam Morris and Greg Lloyd just to name a few.

Getting back to the Super Bowl was a great moment for the city, coming back from the heartbreaking loss at home in the 1994 AFC Championship game.

#8: Pitt beats No. 2 West Virginia, 13-9

Pitt had no business winning this game. I had no business making the trip.

However, both happened.

Maybe I’m biased, having been there to witness it first hand. However, the Panther haven’t won a bigger game in the last 15 years. Knocking the Mountaineers out of the BCS National Championship Game was an amazing moment for Pitt fans everywhere.

#7: Pens draft Sidney Crosby

I mean, there’s not much to explain here. We are where we are now due in large part to this single, solitary moment.


#6: Mario Lemieux returns to the ice

We all grew up watching Mario, and for many of us he retired too soon.

It was one final chance to witness the biggest hero in the history of our city. And Mario didn’t just come back — he was dominant.

#5: Penguins 2008 Stanley Cup Finals run

We hadn’t seen that type of success since 1992. Despite the loss, we all knew it was the beginning of something great.

I’ll never forget the rollercoaster of emotions the whole city went through. It prepared the fans, along with the players, for what was to come.

#4: Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII

The city’s second Super Bowl win in four years, this gave our generation our own little dynasty.

#3: Mario saves the Pens

Again, this is why we’re here. Nothing else really has to be said.

#2: Steelers win Super Bowl XL

This beats out XLII because it was the first Vince Lombardi Trophy since the 1970s. It was Jerome Bettis being sent off the right way.

It was 90% Steelers fans at Ford Field. It was AMAZING.


For the last time, nothing else needs to be said.

Chris | PPT


One thought on “Top Pittsburgh sports moments of the last 15 years

  1. I agree with you on all of the top moments involving the Pittsburgh Penguins for several different reasons. Drafting Sidney Crosby started a renaissance within the Penguins organization and helped provide the team the direction it needed for one of the top players in the world. It forced the Pens to sign top free agents, bring in Shero as General Manager and draft better players. With that, the team has become the powerhouse it is today and it all started with drafting Crosby.

    Mario Lemieux has been a legendary presence on and off the ice for this franchise. Seeing him come back from retirement in 2000 was one of the top moments that season. It was incredible seeing him come back after all of the injuries and health problems he had dealt with and that revitalized the Penguins franchise that season. As an owner, Lemieux has helped save the team from moving on numerous occasions and pulling off that deal for the new arena was a miracle. The team desperately needed a more up to date facility to be built and by doing that, the team will remain in Pittsburgh where they belong.

    The Finals run in 2008 was fun but I will never forget their run in 2009. There were a couple of times during that series in 2009 where I thought Detroit was going to repeat but was more then happy to be proven wrong. The Penguins knew going into Game 7 of that series that Joe Louis Arena was going to be a nightmare to play in but shut down the crowd early on. Winning that Cup was like no other and a great moment in Penguins history.

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