Some bulletin board material

Now granted, the Penguins and Detroit Red Wings won’t play each other until the last day of January — a whole four months away.

However, Dan Cleary was pretty candid about his feelings on the Penguins recently, telling ESPN’s Scott Burnside exactly how he feels about the Penguins.

“All due respect to Pittsburgh, and I believe they deserved to win because they beat us four out of five, but I can’t stand Pittsburgh. I was so happy we won Sunday,” Cleary added, referring to a preseason victory over Pittsburgh on Sunday shortly before the team jetted across the Atlantic. “I’ll always be like that ’til we get there again. I’m just being honest.”

That’s good for him, beating the Penguins in the preseason. However, he and the Wings beat a Pittsburgh roster without Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Bill Guerin and many others.

His comments don’t really mean much right now, but it might be a little extra motivation for the Pens come Jan. 31st — that is, if they really need any.

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