Banner raised, Pens win

It was what we all expected it to be: a monumental night.


Penguins 3 – Rangers 2

Win or lose, this game and night would have been a victory. Watching the banner raised to the rafters in the Mellon Arena brought everything full circle. The 3-2 win just added extra.

Max Talbot’s ovation, Marc-Andre Fleury’s ovation, Sid’s, Geno’s … getting to cheer for the guys on home ice was what everyone needed to finally call it a season.

As for the game itself, the Penguins looked solid. With it being the first game, no one knows how either the Pens or Rangers will turn out. We don’t know their identities, tendencies or strengths.

What came from watching both teams play was just a jumble of thoughts…


Season-opening thoughts:

  • You’ve got to love seeing the execution on faceoffs. Set plays were run nearly perfect throughout the game. The Penguins developed several scoring chances and you’ve got to imagine that, over time, those situations will begin to click regularly.
  • Honestly, if you could clone our third line — Kennedy-Staal-Cooke — and make a team out of it, you’d win the Stanley Cup every year. Those guys haven’t lost a beat.
  • Ruslan Fedotenko still has trouble finishing. Gotta hope that doesn’t become a trend like it did last season.
  • Every time Jordan Staal gets the puck on the penalty kill, the thought of him taking it to the house like in the Finals creeps in my mind. I wonder how long it will take for that to wear off?
  • How the hell is Henrik Lundqvist only 27. Seriously, he’s been a Ranger for a decade. I swear.
  • Mike Rupp had great chances offensively. That’s very good to see. Also, with a helmet on, he kinda looks like Ryan Whitney.
  • Donald Brashear is old, but still has a VERY quick jab.
  • The public address announcer is horrible

The most beautiful thing about all of this is the Pens go at it again tonight in Long Island.

Hello little Tavares. Meet the Stanley Cup Champions.

Chris | PPT


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