Rant: Lee’s whistle, right or wrong?

It’s no surprise that the Montreal fanbase is up in arms today after losing to the Penguins 3-2 last night at home.

Referee Chris Lee disallowed what appeared to be a goal by Scott Gomez with less than six minutes left in the game. The whistle blew at the same time Gomez wacked it in and was met by a resounding thunder of boos from the Montreal crowd — lasting for the rest of the game, almost non-stop.

Fans and bloggers of the Canadiens had gripes against Lee before the game even started. Apparently Lee sent Andrei Kostitsyn to the box against Boston last year, which eventually developed in to a 5-on-3 power play in which the Bruins scored.

That was a mid-January game with Northeast Division impolications. This, however, was a non-divisional game in early December.

But Chris Lee disallowed the tying goal with less than six minutes left in a game against an Eastern conference contender. (All HabsLee was not properly positioned to have a good view of the play.  And he got it wrong.

It is the kind of call that changes the outcome of a game.  And in Lee’s case, he has done so against Montreal on more than one occasion.  Do you remember the Boston game last season?

Some were downright bitter enough to say this…

Chris Lee doesn’t just intend to blow, he actually blows. (Four Habs Fans)

I think Habs fans need to cool it. There’s evidence left and right of that fanbase taking things a bit over the top. And while I love the enthusiasm, the 21,000 in attendance spent the final minutes booing rather than trying to rally their own troops.

I’m sure I’d be a tad peeved if the Penguins were in that situation and yes, I’ll call the whistle unfortunate and and error.

But a little perspective would be nice. Not every call goes against Montreal, though all we hear is that’s the case becasue Canadiens fans think they’re God’s gift to hockey.

Don’t freak. It’s a cliche, but these things truly do even out.

Chris | PPT


2 thoughts on “Rant: Lee’s whistle, right or wrong?

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  2. Gizmo

    After watching the video, I would’ve called it a goal. I heard the whistle sound after the puck crossed the line. While it is unfortunate, it certainly makes up for the bullshit call on Ruslan Fedotenko (delay of game) that led to the Habs’ second goal. Whatever – you win some and you lose some.

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