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Regular Season Stats:

Points: Sidney Crosby — 43 pts. (22 goals, 21 assists)

Goals: Sidney Crosby — 22

Assists: Evgeni Malkin — 24

PIM: Matt Cooke/Mike Rupp — 54

+/-: Sidney Crosby — plus-14

GAA: Marc-Andre Fleury — 2.31

SV%: Marc-Andre Fleury — .911

Atlantic Division Standings:

1. New Jersey Devils: 25-8-1 (51 pts.)

2. Pittsburgh Penguins: 25-10-1 (51 pts.)

3. New York Rangers: 16-16-3 (35 pts.)

4. New York Islanders: 13-16-7 (33 pts.)

5. Philadelphia Flyers: 15-17-2 (32 pts.)


7 thoughts on “Team Info

  1. Matt Petersen

    Hey buddy. I absolutely love the web blog. I actually check it pretty much everyday. I can’t wait for thanksgiving…see you soon.

  2. Eric Mirchich

    dem partridge boysssssssssss. holler. but honestly, i like the blog. just learn how to spell crosby’s first name right and you’re golden. sidney, not sydney like the australian city. 🙂

  3. Hey Chris ~
    I’ve got a sure-fire solution to how the Pittsburgh Pirates can go from last place to first place ~ Simply change their name from “Pirates” to ” Bucs ” . The Devil Rays turned their gig around once they became the Rays; likewise, The (not-so-)Mighty Ducks were awesome as the Ducks !!! Jim

  4. thefanaticalfan

    Hey! It’s Frostee, from over at The Fanatical Fan. I added you to my blogroll. I couldn’t agree more; I’m all for hockey blogger unity.
    Happy Blogging,

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